double bass, bass guitar, composer


Alexander Muravyev

Alexander Muravyev was born in 1982 in Russia (the town of Ludinovo, Kaluga region). He studied at the Taneev College of Music (Kaluga) with prof. V. Dyakov, then graduated from The Gnesins Russian Academy of Music with prof. A. Belsky. Alexander is a winner of numerous competitions in nominations such as Solo Double Bass, Solo Bass Guitar, Composition (among others he took the first prize at the I International Kusevitsky Composer Competition in St-Petersbourg)  

He collaborates with various symphony orchestras, musical and drama theatres, as well as with music bands playing diversified styles ranging from classical and conceptual to popular music.
Alexander Muravyev is a composer and a performer of his own compositions for solo double bass and bass guitar.
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